Experts in Heavy Equipment Transportation

Walker Brothers’ experienced specialized transportation team is skilled in a wide range of heavy machinery transport services. We know the local, state and national regulations so you can rest assured that we will have the permits and escorts required to execute your move. Whether utilized individually or as part of a turnkey solution, our comprehensive services will get your equipment where it needs to go, safely and efficiently.

Our team brings an innovative approach to specialized transportation projects. We invest in highly-skilled engineers with the experience and ingenuity to analyze the details of every heavy machinery transport project. No matter the size or scope, our team can design plans to safely meet every lifting, rigging, and transportation challenge.

World-Class Heavy Lifting and Transport

Many of Walker Brothers’ specialized transportation projects include heavy lift services. Utilizing our experienced engineering capabilities, rigging expertise, and comprehensive equipment, we provide the best of both heavy lift and transport services for a complete solution.

What We Offer

  • Heavy Transportation
  • Heavy Lift & Rigging
  • Engineered Transportation Plans
  • Route Surveys and Feasibility Studies
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Project Cargo Logistics
  • Barge Service Logistics
  • Engineered Sea Fastening and Ballast Plans

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