Machinery Moving & Rigging Services

Machinery Moving Services

If you need heavy equipment moving or want to move extremely delicate apparatus… let us move it! We pick up, move and install equipment safely, inside or outside of plants. Our employees have the right equipment, experience, protective gear and safety training. We treat what we move as if it were our own, using the latest in technology, to make our machinery moving services more efficient and effective.

Our Millwrights will save you time and money in machinery and heavy equipment relocation. Our commitment is to put it in right the first time. Whatever the precision leveling and alignment needs of your business, we have the right experience and equipment for it. Whether you require heavy machine moving or want sensitive lab equipment to be moved, we’ve got the gear and expertise you need to move your machinery quickly and safely.

As a leading moving company, we have an impeccable 30-year record in heavy machine moving, rigging, factory relocation and shifting of delicate equipment.

Laboratory Equipment Moving

Walker Brothers also offers laboratory & medical moving services. We ensure smooth and hassle-free laboratory moving by following a carefully designed plan of shifting lab equipment and other fragile apparatus.

Our clients trust us for the shifting of sensitive laboratory apparatus. This has made us one of the most in-demand laboratory & medical moving services.

Turn-Key Facility Relocation

We understand the importance of up-time at your facility. Our commitment is to provide relocation service within a tightly planned schedule with a minimum of down-time to your operation. We have the skill, equipment and experience to deliver on our commitment. We offer a complete relocating facility anywhere in the United States, Canada or Mexico. Whether you need a new foundation, heavy machinery relocation or relocation of a complete plant, we are your one stop relocation specialist. Our resources include Plumbing and Electrical expertise as well as tenant improvement capability.

Machine Assembly / Disassembly

We are not just an equipment mover, we offer machine Assembly and Erection Services too. We will also disassemble, inspect and repair machines and equipment.


Our variety of state-of-the-art equipment makes us your best choice for your transporting needs. We employ air-ride equipment to protect your valuable equipment during a single machine move or entire plant relocation. We know the local, State and National regulations so you can rest assured that we will have the permits and escorts required to make your move efficiently. We provide heavy hauling with equipment including rollback, dump, flatbeds, lowboy trailers, vans, specialized trailers, air rides.


Hauling heavy machinery is another one of our signature services. We own equipment for your move up to a 100 tons and have partners for your larger hauls.

Quality Service

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Machinery Moving & Relocating for all Major Industries

Walker Brothers has extensive experience in moving industrial machinery and heavy equipment in a diverse range of industries. We have successfully handled a variety of factory relocation projects, ranging from power generation companies to defense contractors, all over the United States.

Since 1984, our factory and machine relocation services have expanded to include several industries, which require extreme precision and highly specialized movers. Our expertise is not limited to moving heavy equipment. We carry out relocation of fragile lab apparatus and other sensitive equipments as well.

Walker Bros. Machinery Moving

Industries Served

Machine Tool Manufacturers & Distributors

Power Generation & Transformers

U.S. and Local Governments

Medical Imaging


Aerospace Contractors


Food and Beverage Plants



Clean Room


Defense Contractors



We have broad experience in shifting printing equipment and its installation. In addition, we have efficiently carried out relocation for premier construction and automotive companies.

Our cost-effective measures have not just made us one of the most reputed heavy equipment movers. We are also well-known for our medical imaging relocation services.

We evaluate each relocation job and then come up with a plan that conforms to your specifications. Whether you want machinery relocation or factory relocation, we will deliver what you require in the designated time-frame.

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