Machinery & Industrial Moving Equipment

We make use of the latest equipment to ensure that industrial machinery and heavy equipment can be relocated efficiently, minimizing downtime. Whether you require relocation of delicate medical equipment or want bulky machinery to be relocated, we have the right equipment to move you.

Our movers follow all safety regulations for any machine or equipment relocation we carry out. Our clients trust us for safe and cost-effective relocation.

Tractors and Trailers

Our fleet includes 27 trucks and trailers including flat bed, single and double drop, and detach trailers, stretch and boom trucks.


We are experts in employing forklifts in moving or relocating heavy equipment such as CNC machines, medical equipment, printing presses and more. We have 35 reliable forklifts rated from 2 to 70-tons, experienced and certified forklift operators and a strong safety record. We have units powered by Electricity, Propane and Diesel. Our through maintenance regimen ensures that we can accommodate jobs of any size, any time.

Track Mounted Gantry Lifting Systems

For the heaviest applications, we utilize Gantry systems having 5 to 500-ton Power Towers, with up to 35-feet in vertical lift.


Our moving company has specialized units with lifting capacity from 2.5 to 300 tons.

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